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Business Now and Then
The business world is more competitive than ever these days, with new organisations springing up all the time. As a business owner, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the competition and come up with new and inventive ways to get people talking about what you do. If you really want to be successful against all the other competitors in your field of business then you need to be the one company that everyone is talking about. You also need to market your product or service to appeal to a wide range of people. In order to do this and conquer the world market, you are going to need to enlist the help of a professional translation service.

Nowadays, it is commonplace to translate handbooks and instruction manuals into a range of different languages so that they can be understood by almost everyone. However, a common language that a lot of companies seem to neglect is Welsh. It is unclear why this is the case as Welsh now has an equal status with English in the public sector is Wales. This clearly shows that Welsh is a language that is being used; therefore it makes sense to use it as a translation option.

Welsh – A Bilingual Country
Wales is now officially a bilingual country as over 20% of the public sector is fluent in Welsh. It is thought that of the 611,000 Welsh speakers, 62% use the Welsh language on a daily basis which is a huge percentage. Statistics such as these show just how important it is to for businesses to provide both English and Welsh alternatives so customers have the option. This shows that the company really cares about the needs and requirements of their customers and that they hold customer service highly on their list of priorities.

Whilst it seems that using a professional translation service is an obvious way of reaching out to a larger customer base, a lot of businesses are still overlooking translating into Welsh. By not translating promotional material into another language, you are potentially alienating a large group of customers that could boost your sales. If you appeal to a larger audience you are more likely to be successful as the scope of potential customers is increased massively.

Welsh Translation
If you are unsure about using a professional translation service and your not sure if you business is quite ready for the international market, then why not start with Welsh translation? If you want to appeal to the Welsh market then this is a great way to show the Welsh population that you are serious about trading with them and that you are dedicated to improving standards of customer service. Recent research has shown that nearly half of all Welsh speakers would be more likely to use a company that offered the option to read the manufacturers information in Welsh.

If you want to give your customers the choice of which language they want to read, then you need a professional translation service to help make sure that the translation is accurate and comprehensive. Axis Translations can help with all your translation needs, whatever language combination you need. They can translate whole websites or help with transaction emails.

Whatever the size of your company, why not give yourself an edge over your competitors with Axis Translations!